Archive Library

The City of Winchester Trust holds historical documents and illustrations in the Archive Library Room in the Heritage Centre.
These include:

Illustrative Documents

Many photographs from the late 19th century to the present day
some engravings of parts of the City in the 18th and 19th century
a collection of photographic slides showing various streets within the old walls of Winchester
a collection of slides taken from sepia photographs dating from the late 1800s to the late 20th century

Planning and Related Documents

City Council planning documents
Trust correspondence concerning specific planning applications
Trust correspondence concerning District Plans

Minutes of Trust AGM’s and Trust Council Meetings from 1957 to the present day

Details of Trust Award Schemes for outstanding design from 1984 and 1987 including presentation boards for the last few years

A small collection of copies of maps of the City from the Middle Ages until the present day

A collection of material used in past public displays which can be used for future display

Search The Archive

Three databases have been built containing descriptions of the contents of all the 180 archival boxes, descriptions of all the photographic prints and titles of all books, Journals etc in the archivenews. As a result a searchable online List of Items in Archival Boxes is now available as is a searchable archivenew Photographs List and a List of all Books

How To Search The Archive List or Archive Photograph List

Click on the down arrow to the side of the 'Find' box at the top of the index or list. Then click on the 'Open Full Reader Search'. In the box in the left column that appears, type in the word or phrase you are looking for and then press 'Search'. A list of all the relevant entries appears and each entry can be accessed. The first column in the index is the box number in the archivenew Room where the item you are looking for is located. The second column is a rough guide to the contents of the box. The third column is a guide to the medium of the item, ie. Photograph, Correspondence, Map etc. The fourth column gives you more detail ie. what the photograph is of, or what the correspondence relates to etc.

NB. Sometimes there are multiple items under the same entry ie. 6 photographs of the Guildhall, but there is only one entry in the index, sometimes 'many' is used implying over 15 (usually correspondence), sometimes the number of items under the same entry is shown after a capital X. Also as it is not always easy to date items in the archivenews those of uncertain age are left undated.

Image Gallery

The Trust Archive hold several thousand photographic images as slides, negatives and prints. These are being digitised so that they can be viewed on this website. We now have five collections dating from the mid 1800s to the present.

Web News Archive

News reported on the Website since 2006 has been collected after it has been removed from the Home page and is available to be viewed on this website.

Archive Enquiries

Anyone wanting to make further enquiries about the Trust Archive can e-mail the Trust on secretary@cityofwinchestertrust.co.uk or contact the Heritage Centre on 01962 851664.

President: Professor Joy Carter, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester   Chairman: Keith Leaman  
Hon Treasurer: Nick Gibbins    Secretary: Tessa Robertson    Reg. in England No.609812   Reg. Charity No. 251798