Trust Annual Report 1978


52 and 54 Upper Brook Street




A planning application has been made by the City Council to demolish these two vacant houses, and referred to the Trust by reason of the fact that they are in a conservation area. The Trust has opposed their demolition on the grounds that they are two of the few remaining early 19th century houses in the centre of Winchester and have an elegance of proportion which is unusual in artisans cottages. Also that the old street line would be lost by their demolition, and a depressing vista opened up from the South.


The Department of the Environment has considered this application, and the Inspector has informed the City Council that he is minded to refuse the application to demolish. These houses are in poor condition, and the Trust has offered whatever assistance is possible in their restoration. Should the refusal to demolish be confirmed, a use could be visualised as headquarters for the Trust, at least as a temporary measure.