Trust Annual Report 1998




I have to tell you that John Brimfield died on 17th April this year. He was a great supporter of the Trust and its Archive. We send our sympathy to his widow.


Sadly we have also said goodbye to Ernest Hutchinson who has left Winchester to live in Somerset. He has done much cataloguing work in the Archive over the last two years. His enthusiasm and hard work will be sadly missed. We wish him all the best in his new house.


The Trust has received a legacy of £7,144 from the Estate of the late Mr. W.E Alder for the purpose of 'the acquisition, study or repair of archive material that pertains to the City of Winchester.' The Archive Committee has resolved to invest this magnificent capital sum to provide capital growth and an income to finance archival projects.


The photographic print collection is well catalogued and easily accessible. Eventually it is hoped to transfer the records to a computer data base which will enable faster data retrieval in a variety of forms.


The Archive still needs much work and we are always in need of volunteers to help with the various tasks, including the running of the Loan Slide Collection. The Slide Collection is available to all, members and non-members, who are preparing illustrated lectures pertaining to the City of Winchester and its surroundings.


Rosemary Kinnaird-Smith

Chairman, Archives Committee