Trust Annual Report 1998




This year we have held two functions with local schools. The first, held at the beginning of the year, was a Venture Programme, and the second, in the early summer, a Workshop.


As always the Venture Programme took place over several weeks, culminating in a presentation day. The subject was a proposal for a Visitor Centre for Twyford Pumping Station. The schools involved were Owlesbury, St Cross, Twyford and Hursley and the age group 10-11 year olds.


All the results were imaginative and some were outstanding. At an open day after the event at Twyford Pumping Station, Lord Briggs was shown the schemes by some of the pupils and he was very complimentary about what he saw.


The Workshop took place at Beaumont School, and some 160 children in the age group 14 - 15 took part in a day programme. The exercise was to assume their school had been made redundant and that they had to design new proposals for the grounds, either using some of the existing buildings or by sweeping all the buildings away and starting anew. There was a wide variety of interesting projects presented from environmentally orientated schemes to sports centres. During the day there were other architectural activities organised, such as computer graphics, demonstrations, slide shows of exciting new buildings around Europe and architects talking about their favourite buildings.


We are now preparing for the next year's projects, one of which is a new idea. We are taking one small private school with an age range of 11 - 18 and preparing a brief with an environmental bias within the school grounds. We are also making arrangements to run a Chippindale Venture for 10 - 11 year olds in Winchester.


As always the Committee would like to thank all those firms, Local and County Authorities who volunteer to provide one or often more individuals to lead a team of children. Without such expert volunteers we would not be able to undertake this worthwhile education programme. We would also wish to thank Local and County Councillors for their help in providing a critique team. I personally would like to thank the Committee volunteers for their input. Without them the Chippindale programme could not function. Pam Moore, who is the team organiser, has a vote of thanks for mopping up after us and making sure the events run smoothly. This can be a stressful undertaking.


Lastly, many thanks to The Winchester Preservation Trust of which we are a sub-committee. The Preservation Trust Council support and encourage our endeavours and without their financial support we could not manage. However I am sure I can speak for all those people who support the Chippindale exercise when I say that we all feel it is worthwhile and very rewarding, and we always come away inspired.


Keith Leaman Chippindale Venture