Trust Annual Report 1998


Summer Evening Walks


Most Trust Members will know that the 1998 Summer Walks programme, which ended in mid-August, was best ever in terms of attendance. As one lady generously remarked 'Thursdays since 13th August have not been quite the same!'


The popularity of this year's Summer Walks has been due to a number of favourable circumstances. Firstly, the amazingly reliable weather: it would have been sad if we had had a repeat of that experienced in 1997. Secondly, the continuing quality and variety of interests of our Walk Leaders. We thank them sincerely for consenting to guide us through the complexities of our historic environment. As you will know some of the Leaders, like Andrew Rutter, Richard Baker, Huw Thomas and Michael Carden, feature each year in the Walks Calendar. Nor must we forget Colin Burden, John Townsend, Dr. Tom James and Patrick Maclure.


A very rewarding addition to the stable is James Webb, The County's Historic Buildings Officer. His comments on various aspect of Winchester's townscape were modem and stimulating.


Another reason for the success of the Walks was the solid support of the programme made by members of the Trust. Although the Walks are open to all and sundry, a reliable nucleus of enthusiasts does much to make a Walk enjoyable, educational and fun. One of the Trust's aims is to broaden people's awareness of Winchester's unique historical and cultural heritage. The 'Walks' do much to promote this aim.


Nick McPherson

Summer Walks Organiser