Trust Annual Report 2001


Report of the Council and Financial Statements at 31 March 2001


Neighbourhood Studies


The Trust is shortly to begin publishing a series of studies describing Winchester's neighbourhoods as seen by the critical but affectionate eye of a Trust member. The first study was requested as a one-off by our Development Control Committee. lt was to help out-of-town City Councillors understand how seriously the character of a particular area could be damaged by viewing a small part in isolation, without a feel for the constituent characteristics of the surrounding neighbourhood.


This first study not only helped save an important neighbourhood building and its surroundings, but so inspired the author that he offered to continue the process. So a sub-committee of the Trust was formed to provide support, and to edit the series with a view to eventual publication. Having skilfully steered the sub-committee through the early stages of the editorial process, Michael Carden has handed the chairmanship over to me for the gentle coast downhill to publication.


Six of the studies are at an advanced stage: Fulflood, Oram's Arbour with St James Lane, St Cross, St Giles Hill, Hyde, and the Christchurch Road Area; and there are others in the making. We now feel it is safe to go into print with the first two or three. Copies of the Studies will be given to the Authorities and the Library, and will be on sale to the public, with a special rate for members of the Trust. The Studies average twelve pages including a map, and are lavishly illustrated with one or more sketches per page.


We are most grateful to Nick Bourne, a retired architect, for his authorship of these excellent documents. We are very fortunate that he is able not only to write the text in plain English but also to illustrate the studies with sketches that will delight the reader.


Robin Freeman,

Chairman, Neighbourhood Studies Sub-Committee