Trust Annual Report 2001


Report of the Council and Financial Statements at 31 March 2001


Extracts from the Trust’s Accounts for the year 2000 - 2001


Memorandum and Articles of Association


A revised version of the Memorandum and Articles of Association was adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 6th November 2000.


Approval was given to change the name of the Trust from "Winchester Preservation Trust Ltd" to "The City of Winchester Trust Ltd"; the latter has now been registered with Companies House.


The revised Memorandum and Articles of Association are available for inspection at the Trust's Registered Office, whose address is shown on Page 1.


Differentiation of Expenditure Between Administration and Charitable Activity


New regulations are being introduced requiring registered charities to distinguish between administrative and charitable expenditure. The Annual General Meeting and all financial matters are defined as administration, but thereafter the case has to be made for such divisions. The City of Winchester Trust is notable for the fact that some two-thirds of its annual expenditure is shown as administration, even though each Project is being recorded separately, with not only its direct costs but its indirect costs, down to envelopes and stamps. These administrative functions underpin the range of voluntary activities undertaken by the Trust's members. If even a modest hourly rate were applied to these voluntary efforts, the balance would swing hard over towards charitable expenditure.




Analysis of the membership has continued, which shows that the total number of members is declining. The reduction in subscriptions collected in 2000-O1 reflects the collection in 1999-00 of unpaid subscriptions from previous years. The Council has approved increased subscriptions for the Financial Year 2001-02.




In the last two financial years the Trust has been left two legacies, totalling £2,000. The Council has decided to earmark this money to fund specific projects as and when appropriate topics are taken up. lt is hoped that this will encourage members to make provision for a legacy in due time.


Policy Group


A Policy Group has been fomied to establish a set of general principles by which to influence the future development of Winchester. “The Future of Winchester - A Strategic Vision" was approved by the Council, published and presented to members, local government and the planning fratemity.


Development Control


The core activity of the Trust remains the monitoring of all planning applications within the City boundary, which requires a constant effort on the part of a large team of volunteers who observe, record and comment.


The Accounts show the list of projects in which the Trust engaged during the financial year.