Image Galleries Introduction


These image galleries contain digital copies of photographic slides, negatives and photographic prints held in the archives of the City of Winchester Trust which are held in Google Albums. Over at least 10 years a number of specific collections have been created usually based on the person or organisation that donated them. These Earlier Collections are still available and can be displayed and searched etc.


More recently a complete 'Total Collection' has now been produced. This contains all the digitised images in the earlier collections and a new collection of photographs donated by Andrew Rutter. In addition it includes all the images held in the Archive photograph stores and finally all the images held in the Box Files mainly holding paper archives. It therefore holds all the images held in the Archives and this totals about 9,000 images.


The Total Image Description List is a pdf which contains the annotations of every image with a link directly to the image (Note the pdf contains 9,000 images so will take a while to load). The third column is an indicator of where the image can be found in the Archives. The List of descriptions can be browsed and the pdf search facility used to search the descriptions. To search the pdf annotations the pdf search box should be used by keying Control+F if you are using Adobe Reader.


Total Collection


This is a collection of over 9,000 photographs held in the City of Winchester Archives. Some of the photographs go back to the early days of photography in Winchester, taken in the 1900s and then many taken particulary in the 1950s onwards. The photographs include many topics including the historic core of Winchester. All the streets and roads within the historic city wall have been included in this collection as well as many other topics.


This large collection has been subdivided into about 100 albums. These are divided into two categories 'Streets' and 'other'. These albums can be accessed via the links below:-



Andover Road

Back Street

Blue Ball Hill

Bridge Street


Canon Street

Chesil Street

Chester Road

Christchurch Road

City Road

Colebrook Street

Clifton Road

College Street

Cross Streeet

Culver Road

Durngate Place

Eastgate Street

Edgar Road


Garnier Road

Gladstone Street

Gordon Road

Great Minster Street

High Street

Hyde Street etc

Jewry Street

Kingsgate Street

Little Minster Street

Lower Brook Street

Magdalen Hill

Market Street/Lane

Middle Brook Street

North Walls

Parchment Street

Park Avenue

Peninsula Barracks

Queens Road

Romans Road

Romsey Road

St Clements Street

St Cross Road

St Faiths Road

St George's Street

St Giles Hill

St James' Lane

St James' Terrace

St John's Street

St Michaels Road

St Peters Street

St Swithun Street

St Thomas Street

Silver Hill

Southgate Street

Staple Gardens

Station Hill

Stockbridge Road

Sussex Street

Swan Lane

Symonds Street

The Castle

The Close

The Square

Tower Street

Trafalgar Street

Upper Brook Street

Upper High Street

Union Street

Victoria Road

Wales Street

Water Lane

Weir Gardens


Wharf Hill

Wolvesey Palace



Aerial Views

Bushfield Camp


Details - Doors

Details - Rails

Details - Sculpture

Details - Trees

Details - Windows

Details - Other

Discovery Centre

Fire Brigade

Flowerdown Camp

Great Halll

Heritage Centre


Hockley Viaduct

King Alfred Statue

Letter Boxes


Orams Arbour




River Itchen

St Cross Hospital


Visitor Centre


Winchester College

Winchester University


Trust News Back Issues & Annual Reports


In addition to the image gallery, there are also a series of Trust Publications, Back Issues of TrustNews and Annual Reports held on this web site.