Earlier Image Galleries Introduction


A number of image Collections have beeen produced over the last 10 years. These historic gallery Collections are in addition to the Total Collection now available.


All the images in these Collections have been included in a searchable online Gallery Image Description List. The images are organised into a number of logical galleries based on the Google Albums in which they are held. Links below access each Album and the images can be browsed. The Image Description List is a pdf and contains the descriptions of every image with a link directly to the image (Note the pdf now contains 3,000 images so will take a while to load). The List of descriptions can be browsed and the pdf search facility used to search the descriptions (Usind Adobe Acrobat, the search box will display in the bottom right corner after keying 'Control + F'. The collections included are:-


Hawkins Collection


This Collection was a bequest made by Graham Hawkins to the Trust in 1998. It consists of over 200 slides of Winchester scenes giving us evocative glimpses of life over 100 years ago. Graham J Hawkins (1934-1998) like his father, Charles, worked on the railways. He was born in Kingsclere District and moved to a railway cottage between the railway station at Chesil and Chesil Road. He joined the railway as a lamp-boy at Worthy Down Station, later moving to Winchester City, British Railways Southern Region. Here he worked in the parcel office, and was later promoted to ticket collector.


He married Frances Lane in Winchester in 1965 and lived on Greenhill Road for most of his life. He was an active member of the Royal British Legion and also a keen railway enthusiast. He had no children and became well known for his illustrated talks on Winchester using the very slides that he bequeathed to the Trust. He also had a large collection of postcards of the City and is held in high esteem by those who remember him.


If the Image List is consulted it can be seen that 37 of the images in the Hawkins Collection were taken by WT Green (nom de plume for WT Greenland 1851-1921). Walter Thomas Greenland was born in Woodford, Northants, to Thomas (a curate at Towcester), and Martha. He had 4 brothers, all born at Wembaston, Suffolk where his father was vicar. By 1871 Mr Greenland senior was rector at Raithby, Lincs where 2 sisters and another brother were born. At this time WT was 19 years old and a student. In 1891 he was 39 years old and employed as a tutor of modern languages in Lincolnshire. However by 1901 he was living in Winchester at 28 Upper High Street. It was between January 1900 and November 1904 that WT sold 389 photos to Warrens the Winchester printers. He was paid 5 shillings for each photograph and Warrens used them to illustrate several books they published at this time. The 1911 Census records describe him as living at 27 and 28 Upper High Street. He was employed as a private tutor and unmarried. Mr Greenland died in Winchester in 1920, aged 69.


Winchester City Council Collection


This collection covers 138 photographs taken in the 1950's of buildings in Winchester. These buildings were earmarked for demolition in the mid 1950s, and in order to have a pictorial record of them, the city council had all the relevant streets and houses photographed. The original photographs are in an album held by the Hampshire Record Office ref. W/C5/10/23. The City of Winchester Trust (then the Winchester Preservation Trust), was formed in an effort to limit the destruction of these old buildings. Canon Street and St John's Street were saved by the Trust but most of the buildings in this collection were demolished.


Salmon Collection


Henry William Salmon (1859-1940) ran a successful photographic business from number 77 High Street. This shop was opened in 1888 by HW. His son, Gilbert H Salmon joined the business in 1917, finally closing it down in 1966. HW was born in Reading and in 1901 lived at 81 High Street with his wife, four children and two servants. He died in Wokingham at the age of 80. During the early 1900s Messrs Salmon produced the 'Salmon Series'. This was a collection of several hundred photographs of which this gallery contains 65. Most of the Salmon Series were centred on Winchester's Cathedral and but there were also shots of Hursley, Romsey Abbey, and other, usually, religious buildings in the villages and towns around Winchester.


Design Awards Collection


Since 1984 the City of Winchester Trust has conferred eleven batches of awards (including 2010) to the architects and designers of; new buildings, the renovation of old buildings, shop fronts and signs and any outdoor landscape or environmental project thought worthy of inclusion. The three categories of awards are: Award Winner, Commendation, and Worthy of Mention


In 1984 it was decided that the panel of judges should comprise four Trust members, to be Chaired by an independent and prominent member of the design profession who lives outside Winchester. It was intended that the Trust members were chosen as representative of the diversity of the design world and of a wide age-range. This panel was to make the final and often difficult decision as to who was to receive these awards.


It was decided that the criteria for a winning entry should be a scheme that makes a lasting contribution to the City of Winchester and which displays a high standard of design, whilst positively demonstrating the character of Winchester.


All award winners receive a certificate, with the option to buy a ceramic plaque which can be mounted in a prominent location on the winning buildings.


Alan Weeks Collection


Alan Weeks died aged 77 in March 2010. He bequeathed a collection of photographs,drawings, maps and journals to the Trust archives, from which this gallery contains images taken from his smaller sized and mounted prints, (there are 30 large colour photographs which are not included). Alan Weeks campaigned as chairman of the Winchester Residents Association on issues such as housing development, homelessness, traffic and health, but most vociferously against the M3 bypass first planned to go through the water meadows and then subsequently through Twyford Down.


Circa 1980 Council Planners proposed demolishing and rebuilding some or all of the houses in St John's Street. The Trust, or Winchester Preservation Trust as it was then, decided to do all it could to save this street of attractive brick and mortar, terraced houses as it had done in Canon Street in 1960. With the assistance of Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust, those houses in the worst condition (above the Old Barracks) were gutted, re-furbished, re-roofed and re-glazed thus saving them from demolition. Photographs 37-42 show these houses at various stages of repair in 1981.


Archive Boxes Collection


Since the inception of the ‘Trust Archives’ in 1983, when the City of Winchester Trust started using the present Heritage Centre; many photographs of Winchester have been collected from various sources (usually bequests). Some of these have been passed on to other archivists and others have remained. At the moment we have about 1,300 historical photographs, mostly kept in archival boxes made out of acid free card (hence the title of the collection). Although some of these photos are duplicates, there is still an interesting and varied assortment of which those included in this collection are (at the moment) a random selection.


Curtis Collection


This collection of over 350 photographs has been donated to the City of Winchester Trust by the Winchester Oxfam Bookshop.


All the photographs are from a collection taken Mira Curtis of 14 Stoney Lane, Winchester, who died in 2009 and bequeathed her book collection and her photographic slide collection to the Oxfam Bookshop where she was a volunteer. The books have now been sold and Oxfam have now passed the slides to the Trust Archive.


Although Mira was not a member of the Trust she was obviously very concerned about conservation in the City because many of the pictures are of buildings about to be demolished or of sites being redeveloped. They are mostly from the 1970s and 1980’s.


The slides have been filed from each of the twelve boxes they were found in. Some of them are in a fairly random order. Most were labelled and we have now have identified almost all of them and titled and dated them.

Copyright of these pictures now lies with the Trust. They have not previously been published.


Leaman Collection


This is a collection of over 1300 photographs mainly taken by Keith Leaman, the present City of Winchester Trust Chairman with some by others including Andrew Rutter. Some of the photographs were taken in the 1970s and 1980s, but the majority were taken in the 1990s. The photographs are of the historic core of Winchester. All the streets and roads within the line of the historic city wall have been included in this collection as well as some streets outside the city wall. The images for each street are in year order. In addition at the end of the collection are aerial views of the city centre and images taken during the building of the M3 close to Winchester.


The collection has been subdivided into the following street sub-sections:-



Canon Street

Chesil Street

Chester Road

City Road

Colebrook Street

College Street

Culver Road

Durngate Place

Eastgate Street

Friarsgate Street

Great Minster Street

High Street

Jewry Street

Kingsgate Street

Little Minster Street

Lower Brook Street

Market Street

Middle Brook Street


Parchment Street

Peninsular Barracks Lower

Peninsular Barracks Upper

Roman Road

St Clements Street

St Georges Street

St James Lane

St Johns Street

St Michaels Street

St Peters Street

St Swithuns Street

St Thomas Street

Silver Hill

Southgate Street

Staple Gardens

Station Road

Sussex Street

The Castle

The Square

Tower Street

Upper Brook Street

Upper High Street

Union Street

Water Lane

Weir Gardens

Wharf Hill

Winchester Cathedral

Aerial Shots



Rutter Collection


This is a collection of over 700 photographs taken by Andrew Rutter between 1975 to 2006. Andrew was the first 'Conservation Officer' for Winchester City Council. He was in post from 1975 until 1998. The images cover ares that interested Andrew as well as some of the developments in Winchester conservation Areas that he provided input. The some of the images were divided into areas of the City by Andrew. This organisation has been extended to include all the images.


The collection is one continuous Google Album but links to each area are provided below:-


1. Brooks Area

2. Chesil Street Area

3. Eastgate Street Area

4. High Street Area

5. Hyde Street Area

6. Itchen Valley Area

7. Jewry Street Area

8. Law Courts Area
9. Peninsula Barracks Area

10. Railways Areas

11. Romsey Road Area

12. St Cross Area

13. St Giles Hill Area

14. St John's Street Area

15. St Peter Street Area

16. St Thomas Street

17. Southgate Street Area

18. Sussex Street Area

19. The Square Area

20. Winchester College Area

21. Wolvesey Palace Area

22. Winchester Cathedral Area