Trust Publications




The Trust's News Letter was re-launched in 2004 as TrustNews. This is published four times per year and is distributed to members and selected addresses interested in the work of the Trust. The most recent version is available in web page format.

In addition to the most recent copy of the TrustNews there are also Back Issues held on the web.


Annual Reports


The Trust generate an Annual Report as part of the document containing the Financial Results for the financial year presented at the AGM. In the Archives are copies of these reports from 1962 to the present. These Annual Reports are being transferred onto this website in a similar way to the Back Issues of Trust News.


Other Publications


The Trust has produced a number of publications over the years. Some are out of print , some have limited stock and a number can still be purchased from the Trust at the Heritage Centre. Copies of all these booklets are now on this website. Those that have been loaded to the website are shown below with a link that can be accessed


Keith Walker &
Barbara Carpenter-Turner
1976   The High Street (out of print) £0.50
Frank Chippindale 1984   Jewry Street (out of print) £0.95
Frank Chippindale 1985   The Square and Great Minster street (limited supply) £0.50
Frank Chippindale 1986   Cathedral to Castle (limited supply) £0.50
Frank Chippindale 1987   St Thomas Street (limited supply) £2.00
CWT 2001   The Future of Winchester A Policy discussion paper Free
Nick Bourne 2002   No. 1 Fulflood £1.50
CWT 2003   Keep Your House in Good Order… Free
Robin Merton 2003   West Hill Cemetery £2.00
Nick Bourne 2003   No. 2 St Cross £1.50
Nick Bourne 2005   No. 3 Oram’s Arbour and St James’s Lane £1.50
CWT Various   Back issues of Annual Report and Accounts from 1962 Free
CWT Various   Back issues of TrustNews from 1985 £1.00 each
Phil Yates 2007   Time Gentlemen, Please! £9.95
Andrew Rutter 2009   Winchester Heart of a City £35.00
CWT 2012   Winchester and its Setting Free
CWT 2018   A vision for the Future of Winchester £5