A Peaceful Place to Rest


West Hill Cemetery, Winchester


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View from the Gosling Memorial looking southeast. By kind permission of Mr Richard Baker.


This booklet has no pretensions to being a definitive history of the Cemetery. It is intended to heighten the awareness of what a gem the City has in this wonderful green and open space and to act as a stimulus for its continued conservation for the benefit of all in the years ahead. It would be a huge bonus if a group of "Friends" could be formed to keep an eye on this wonderful place and act as unofficial wardens.


R.B. Merton May 2003


A view of St Catherine's HillA view of St Catherine's Hill.
By kind permission of Mr Michael Carden MBE




Fauna and Monuments


Burials 1


Burial 2


Burials 3


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Burial 6




Detail from the Ordance Survey 1897 Second Edition
Detail from the Ordance Survey 1897 Second Edition.
By kind permission of the Ordance Survey


I take delight in history, even its most prosaic details, because they become poetical as they recede into the past. The poetry of history lies in the quasi-miraculous fact that once, on this earth, once, on this familiar spot of ground, walked other men and women, as actual as we are today, thinking their own thoughts, swayed by their own passions, but all now gone, one generation vanishing after another, gone as utterly as we shall shortly be gone like a ghost at cockcrow.

G.M. Trevelyan - Autobiography of an Historian
By kind permission of Pearson Education