Neighbourhood Series


No. 1 - Fulflood




Cover of Fulflood Study


This neighbourhood study is one of a short series, focusing on individual areas of Winchester. It is not intended to be the definitive guide to the area, but it is hoped that it will provide some useful background information concerning the history and character of the various parts of the city that make up the whole. The word "area" will be used to mean "neighbourhood" throughout the study. The picture is always changing, so we may produce updated versions in due course. Readers who have suggestions for amendments or additions are therefore welcome to write to the Trust so that their comments can be filed for future reference.




Origin of Name 'Fulflood'


Defined Limits of Study




Land Use


Traffic and Car Parking


Important Viewpoints and spaces






Conservation Area




Map of Fulflood Map of Fulflood (click to enlarge)


Prepared by Nick Bourne, DipArch For the City of Winchester Trust
With many thanks for the support given by the Projects Committee of the Trust