Time Gentlemen Please!

by Phil Yates


Cover of Time Gentlemen Please!


This is a book that tells the story of Winchester's Pubs, Breweries and Hotels past and present.

The book is available from the Heritage centre or Booksellers at a price of £9.95.

132 pubs existed within the city boundaries in 1902 plus a number of "taps", beer-houses and malt-houses. From 1852 to 1925 ten breweries were in operation as well as ten hotels.

Today the city's pubs are reduced to 45 with six hotels and another one proposed. Regrettably, no breweries now exist in Winchester. The book is full of nostalgia and is a great read, not only for citzens of long standing, but also for newcomers and tourists visiting the ancient city of Winchester

This book was published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of The Winchester Preservation Trust now known as The City of Winchester Trust

1957 - 2007

This book was published by The City of Winchester Trust Ltd

ISBN 978-0-9555271-0-4