TrustNews January 1987


Landscape Committee


The Committee has been concerned to act as a watchdog to guard against the erosion of the city and its spaces. Everyone can help by informing it of situations which need attention. The more detailed and factual the informaction which can be supplied with each situation, the better it will be to help members to act.


Comments made to the City Council concerning the paving and seat at The Weirs has prompted assurance that the paving will be resurfaced with something more sympathetic to the surroundings and that the broken seat will be mended or re¬placed. Elsewhere our efforts have drawn attention to areas of neglected paving blocks and other unsightly places in the town. Photographs of areas in the town which need attention would be welcome.


The Committee has actively supported a scheme to encourage replanting in Nuns' Walk which has been sadly neglected in recent years. A donation of £100 has been made by the CPRE towards the cost of putting in new trees in this area.


The Richmond Society has kindly donated a tree which has been planted to commemorate their visit as guests of the Winchester Preservation Trust. The tree, a Red Oak, has been placed in North Walls Park at the end of Park Avenue, where it will make a splash of autumn colour. It was planted by Mrs. Barbara Carpenter Turner on 1st December 1986 in the presence of Ward Councillor Mrs. Pamela Peskett and Mr. 'Peter Bowyer of The Richmond Society, and a happy ceremony cemented the friendship between these two societies.


Objection has been made to the City Council's proposal to remove a further 53 memorials from West Hill Cemetery. The Trust has on several occasions made representations about the Cemetery, both in writing and face to face with Officers of the City Council, to explain its importance and the reasons why it should be maintained in a way which continues to serve the visual and social needs of the city. It has also proposed that a maintenance policy should be devised which allows the memorials to remain undisturbed and has suggested that a nature reserve would fulfil this purpose.


Hugh Watson