TrustNews January 1987


Who are they?


In this issue we feature Ian Skeet, who was elected to the Council of the Trust at the last AGM and now serves on the Town Planning Committee.


Ian and his family have been living in Winchester since 1977. He has recently retired from Shell International and from a working life that for many years took him abroad, mostly to the Middle East. He and his family lived at different times in Qatar and Oman in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sudan. Since 1972 he worked in London and was responsible for international and government relations for Shell International.


While in Oman he wrote a book on that country. His interest in history and political development has led him to carry on writing in retirement and he continues his interests in current oil and energy developments as a consultant. He is married with four children. His wife has been much involved in Winchester life since their arrival here. Now that he is no longer committed to commuting he looks forward to helping in the work of the Trust.