TrustNews January 1987


M3 Bar End - Compton


Members will be aware that there is to he a reopening of the 1985 Inquiry on the grounds that certain evidence was not heard in 1985.


The Trust's view remains that a tunnel is the only satisfactory solution. In his Report on the 1985 Inquiry, the Inspector recognises the superiority of this, environmentally, but does not recommend it, mainly on grounds of cost and the estimated time of construction (6 years).


The terms of reference for the forthcoming Inquiry are not yet known, but the other main alternatives that are likely to be considered are:


  • The route to the east of St. Catherine's Hill proposed by the Department of Transport and recommended by the Inspector


  • A route following the existing Winchester By-pass



Either of these proposals will do immense damage to the environment. However, if they prove to be the only choices available, the Trust strongly prefers the route to the east of St. Catherine's Hill. Whilst we have considerable sympathy for the protagonists of the By-pass route, we are as yet unconvinced by their claims that it will not prove destructive, ultimately, to the water meadows.


We are holding meetings with those concerned to ensure that the issues are fully understood. A decision on whether to attend the reopened Inquiry will then be taken.


There will be a fuller report on the subject of M3 in the next Newsletter.