TrustNews January 1987


Heritage Centre News




Audio/Visual Production


The RIBA have now vacated their office in the Heritage Centre and our Audio/ Visual Display, "Winchester Heritage", has been installed.


It is a big-screen production involving the simultaneous use of three projectors and sound system, all linked to a control unit. Although the equipment looks dauntingly complicated, its operation is surprisingly simple. All one has to do is switch on the power supply and press a button.


Representatives of the County and City Councils, Southern Tourist Board and Winchester Cathedral were given a preview on 24th April. It resulted in spontaneous applause and a congratulatory letter from the Southern Tourist Board.


The A/V Display was opened to the public on 1st May and has aroused much favourable comment. The Centre's opening hours have been extended to include Sunday mornings and Tuesday mornings and afternoons.


To help pay for the upkeep of the Centre and make up for the loss of the RIBA rent, modest entrance fees have been introduced. We now charge £1 for adults and 50p for children and retirement pensioners, and there are special rates for groups. Trust, members who identify themselves to a Duty Officer will, of course, continue to be admitted to the exhibition and the A/V display free of charge.


A master video tape has been made of the A/V production and copies of this are available for sale, with a discount to Trust members.


Manning the Centre


Because of the added attraction of the A/V display and as a result of increased publicity, visitor numbers are expected to increase substantially.


Many more people are needed to man the Centre, particularly as the voluntary stewards now work in pairs.


Can you help out, either on a regular basis or for a short time until some more stewards can be recruited? You choose the amount of time you can spare. Two hours a month would be helpful, even if it is only for the next two or three months. Perhaps you know of someone who could help. He or she need not be a member of the Trust. The duties are not onerous and our stewards find that welcoming a variety of visitors is an interesting experience.


If you are able to assist, Alan Cooke (Winchester 64292) or Ray Eaglen (Winchester 63281) will be happy to supply further information.


Books, Books, Books (& Records, etc.)


The Heritage Centre needs a continuing supply of books, records, pictures, prints, sheet music, quality magazine runs, etc. for its periodic book sales. These are an important source of income, and anything that members can do to keep supplies coming in will be much appreciated.


Our book experts are John and Eunice Balchin, and if you want books or other items collected, all you need to do is telephone them on Winchester 55055.


Newsletter contributions should be sent to Firs. Gill Graham, Hon. Secretary, Winchester Preservation Trust, Highways End, Highways Road, Compton, Winchester, S021 2DF. (Win. 713072).