Winchester St. Thomas Street

View of St Thomas Street

This is a description of the architecture of buildings in St Thomas Street in Winchester produced by the Trust in 1986. You can read the individual sections on the Web, see below.



Nos. 1 - 9

Nos. 10 - 13

Nos. 14 - 20

Nos. 21 - 25

Nos. 26 - High St

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Winchester Town Map


This is the fifth in our ‘Street’ series printed in 1988 by Sarsen Press, Winchester.
Previous publications from Winchester bookshops and the Heritage Centre include:
1976 The High Street by Keith Walker RIBA and Mrs B. Carpenter Turner BA JP.M
1984 Jewry Street by F. Chippindale RIBA
1985 The Square and Great Minster Street by F. Chippindale RIBA
1986 From Cathedral to Castle by F. Chippindale RIBA and Keith Leaman RIBA